Monkey Slime

Welcome to the circus!

Best room with young children!

The lion tamer and the magician are at it again, and we don’t know what has happened. Some of the animals are missing and there are unusual sounds coming from one of the circus trailers. We need you to get in there figure out what is going on. Those monkeys may be up to something again. 

Sorry to rush you, but the circus starts in 1 hour!

Ages 14 and up can play without an adult player.

An adult needs to be in our facility if players are under 15.

Always private – Because this room is focused on families and children,

it is always private and price structure is different. Thank you.

Kids and adults will love this room!

Adjust group size for ages.
Up to 6 if mostly kids.
Adult friendly, but be “flexible.”

Monkey Slime - San Angelo Escape Room
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