Kevin’s Time Machine

Can you save Tony Stark?

This a sequel to our previous room, Blue Virus. It is 4 years later, and Kevin has become wonder-boy physicist. The future needs his help again, but Kevin is on the beach. Players will need to receive a capsule containing an isotope from the future and transport it to Dr. Yinsen in the year 2009 so he can save Tony Stark’s life. Iron Man is vital to the well-being of mankind both in the past and in the future.

Please come and check out our latest room!

We are so excited and hope you are too!


For all ages but analytical skills will be needed. Not for kids alone.

5 to 8 Players.

Nothing repeated from Blue Virus, but there will be some Easter Eggs to make you laugh.

Intermediate but challenging!

Kevin's Time Machine - San Angelo Escape Room
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