If your group is too large, we recommend booking two rooms or the same room with sequential time slots. Call ahead and we will adjust the time slots so you can play at the same time if possible.

Of course! For kids, we recommend Monkey Slime as it is the only room we allow children ages 15 and above without an adult. We have a gathering space for birthday parties for adults and older kids. Kids enjoy the Gold Rush with their families and friends. Check out our Rooms Page to see age and group size limitations for each room. Be sure to mention you need a table in “Special Needs” when booking.

Your start time allows for a few minutes to complete waivers and for a brief orientation. You will be escorted to your room and time will begin after an introduction by the Game Master or a video. You will have 60 minutes to solve or escape and then hours to talk about it!

The room will explode, scattering your body parts and staining the carpet.

No seriously, you will have to live with the emotional pain and humiliation of failure.

Actually, we will let you out with your body and pride intact. We will even explain any remaining puzzles. Some groups will be unable to escape within the time limit. This is all part of the fun.

Team Experience - San Angelo Escape Room
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