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escape room.

Dive into adventure at Think in a Box! Crack codes, solve puzzles, and beat the clock with friends, family and co-workers. Unforgettable fun for everyone – from beginners to puzzle pros. Ready to play? Book now!





Sunobo Great family fun!

I’m a huge escape room fan and Think in a Box is high on my list of favorite places. My daughter went to Angelo State University so I discovered this place when we went to San Angelo for her graduation. We have done 5 of their rooms so far and at this writing Blue Virus is my favorite. The owner and staff are amazing. They are so nice and want you to have a fun experience.

Celeste Salazar Would recommend to visit the area.”

Made a quick trip to see a friend in San Angelo and we decided to try an escape room for the first time. Think in a Box has an amazing variety of rooms as well as friendly, courteous staff, shoutout to Colton. Would recommend to anyone visiting the area looking for a great experience!

Joshua Garvison We loved it and had a blast!

Went again last night with the family that came into town. They loved it. We loved it and had a blast. The room was great! Very well put together, super thematic, and the puzzles were very unique and the right level of challenge. Staff was welcoming and friendly, and it was clear they enjoyed their work!

Parker Tadlock Pretty challenging but a lot of fun!

Great place! I have done other escape rooms before and this was one of the better ones I have done! Our group did the industrial chaos room and it was pretty challenging but a lot of fun! The puzzles are super creative and really make you think. We will definitely be going back.

Nicholas Bradfield What a great time for the family!

What a great time for the family! I have two teens that think everything is dumb or boring if it isn’t electronic. They had a BLAST! They talked about how much fun they had for the next 2 hours and couldn’t wait to go again. It was our first time and the staff was super awesome and helpful and it made the experience great. Will definitely be coming back time and time again.

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